Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My current diet

After reading Rujuta Diwekar's book on eating right, I decided to give her version of a "diet"( if it can be callled that) a try. The results are to be seen, I have great hair, good energy, have developed excellent endurance, and most importantly have lost the kilos.

My daily routine includes:

Getting up at 7 -7.30 am
Eating an apple/drinking a glass of fruit juice
Breakfast at 8.45- 9 am- 1 plate Poha/1 chapati with bhaji
Snack at 11 am- a slice of cheese( regular amul)
Lunch at 1 pm- 2 chapathis with bhaji or 1 cup rice and curry/pulao
Snack at 4-4.30 pm - one handful of peanuts/ chana /vatana
dinner at 7-7.30 pm- one cup sprouted green gram with tomatoes, onions and masala.
sleep at 11.30 pm, max at 12 am

I intend to include curd/ soy milk as an additional snack in the evening from next month onwards.

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