Friday, March 13, 2009

Maa Tujhe Salaam

This song is most amazing .Still remember getting the cassette as a gift when i was 13 from my paternal uncle.really don't know how he knew of the perfect inspiration to all of us who love INDIA AND of course the incomparable AR Rahman.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Living In India

There is a flyover being built on the outer ring road near my place.My office is at domlur inner ring road and i live at banaswadi.The logstics involved in just travelling are mind boggling.When I have the time, i cross the road and take a bus to shivajinagar and another one from there to domlur layout after which its a walk of about 15 mins on a steep incline. Today,I did'nt have the time .So I hailed Bus going towards Kr puram got down,crossed the heavily jammed road near the hanging brdge,and then another bus,but the journey dosent end here.This bus takes me to the end of 80 feet road indranagar throgh the really small railway underpass(again jammed),and deposits me near the church where again, surprise,surprise, there is a traffic jam.cause of the metrp construction.I ask a lady about getting to the inner ring road and she says the bmtc buses are infrequent and if I am in a hurry i shoud take one the tempo travellers or cabs going that way.sounds good to me .a cab comes. i get in and we navigate this last leg if my journey very very slowl,owing to multiple factors,my driver talking on the phone,meeting some friend on the way and having a conversation with him,many stops,and of course,traffic.finally reach off 15 mins late and remember that i havent had breakfast.I prmise my stomach a large lunch and get o with work.