Thursday, December 16, 2010

Read the first part of Reality in OPAR(author:Leonard Peikoff)

How very interesting :

The three basic axioms can be explained as follows:

There is: existence
something that: identity
I am aware of: consciousness

I thought this book was going to be difficult, it is fantastically easy!!!Here's to a more objectively integrated me in the near future!

Is it wrong to be sexy in India?

Everywhere I go, whether clad in a saree or a skirt, whether at a pooja, wedding or a party. I see men look at me, surreptitiously. I recently learned that this is supposedly because I give out a "sexy" vibe, which sadly intimidates most men!

What exactly qualifies me for this tag:
my deep throated laugh?
my unique way of animated conversation- listening and speaking at once?
my flirting? (well that's a no-brainer)
my intelligence?
my charm?
my innocence?

Well, it might be all of these,or none of these, or some of these qualities. I have realized that I dont care, I am sexy, and I am happy being that way. People who are intimidated can take a hike, for all I care :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My current diet

After reading Rujuta Diwekar's book on eating right, I decided to give her version of a "diet"( if it can be callled that) a try. The results are to be seen, I have great hair, good energy, have developed excellent endurance, and most importantly have lost the kilos.

My daily routine includes:

Getting up at 7 -7.30 am
Eating an apple/drinking a glass of fruit juice
Breakfast at 8.45- 9 am- 1 plate Poha/1 chapati with bhaji
Snack at 11 am- a slice of cheese( regular amul)
Lunch at 1 pm- 2 chapathis with bhaji or 1 cup rice and curry/pulao
Snack at 4-4.30 pm - one handful of peanuts/ chana /vatana
dinner at 7-7.30 pm- one cup sprouted green gram with tomatoes, onions and masala.
sleep at 11.30 pm, max at 12 am

I intend to include curd/ soy milk as an additional snack in the evening from next month onwards.


Starting tomorrow morning I am going to be practicing Suryanamaskar, I hope to reach a healthy level of physical fitness. I also hope to look HOT :)

An animation of the various postures involved, along with appropriate instructions Re: Inhaling and Exhaling of breath.

Also a video with great music:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

I am reading it while simultaneously re-reading Atlas Shrugged at work!! It's excellent- like eating mint and chocolate ice-cream at the same time :)


How wonderful would it be to have a man who understood me, didn't care about what the world thought of me, and in general was TDH?!!

The qualities I am looking for:
1. Strong and tall
2. self made
3. ambitious
4. rational
5. sarcastic /witty
6. knowledgeable
7. romantic
8. sexy
9. visionary
10. creative

He can be an artist, a businessman, an engineer- basically anything, the profession doesnt matter, what matters is what he does with it. Does he love his job? Is he strongly dedicated to achievement? If the answer is yes, then that's my man!

I am sure such men exist on earth, and I hope to meet my very own man someday soon :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

my email to an obnoxious journalist

Hi, i have certain issues with your article

1)What are your qualifications for a person to be a philosopher?a PhD- then i think every second unintelligent, herd mentality person is a philosopher or is on the way to becoming one.

2)whoever told you that the fountainhead is the philosophical el dorado( lost city of gold????) is deluding himself.Rand's philosophy is about living an ideal life on earth.

2)i would like to know wht you mean when you say people are not made of cardboard, that is obviously a fact and your reiterating it dosent make your writing cool.

3)also the argument for freedom is made with reason in all her books. Maybe you dont believe in reason. I suggest reading Aristotle.

"philosophy begins with an acknowledgment both of the complex world we live in and the paradoxes of the human condition."- that phrase is making an absolute statement while denying absolutism- wonderful contradiction of modern indian journalists.

Rape is not the same as passion" - haven't you read a single Mills and Boon book- is fascist samrat going to ban them too?.you have absolutely no respect for people who indulge in rough sex.believe me every woman i know has had a fantasy of submitting sexually to the man she loves.

"ambition is not the measure of man"- then what exactly is the measure?His level of education in a foreign college, the amount of money he steals from the middle-class to give to the poor and the rich like most politicians of the world, banning fish pedicures, furs,cigarettes, industries and eating animals in the name of "saving our mother planet", or is it the number of Nobel peace prizes he wins on no objective basis?

an aggressive, no-holds-barred individualism as a personal philosophy is particularly attractive during years of heightened hormonal confusion.- so u are one of those people who beleives humans are a product of their hormones, genes, past life karma etc?nice.u probably support sodomites and the true kind of unthinking rapists then. Josef Fritzl is waiting for you to defend his hormones.

I would like an explanation for your words- is it caused u studied for free in some government run college in India or elsewhere?or is it your inability to realise that most humans other than you would rather live for their own long term rational self interest and Ayn rand's books are an inspiration to such individuals , especially those who live in Socialist- welfare state hellholes like India.