Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is it wrong to be sexy in India?

Everywhere I go, whether clad in a saree or a skirt, whether at a pooja, wedding or a party. I see men look at me, surreptitiously. I recently learned that this is supposedly because I give out a "sexy" vibe, which sadly intimidates most men!

What exactly qualifies me for this tag:
my deep throated laugh?
my unique way of animated conversation- listening and speaking at once?
my flirting? (well that's a no-brainer)
my intelligence?
my charm?
my innocence?

Well, it might be all of these,or none of these, or some of these qualities. I have realized that I dont care, I am sexy, and I am happy being that way. People who are intimidated can take a hike, for all I care :)

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