Monday, May 4, 2009

hmmm am so high on twitter dont have the inclination to actually blog!!

but still would like to talk abt my favorites who generally dont contradict each other!!
ayn rand- the person who though dead told me that what i think is right!!
murray rothbard- like some of his theories
albert einstein- admire him for his singular acheivements
madame curie- amazing woman!not in the feminist sense though
adam smith- born on my bday!!which dosent really matter cause i admired him even before i knew this!!(but its a cool fact)
clark gable- the only time a movie version of a character fleshed out the character in my imagination(referring to gone with the wind)
angelina jolie-beautiful,deadly- as a woman should be-recently voted by 58% as the woman most likely to launch a war a la helen of troy!!
howard roark and fransisco d'aconia-characters from atlas shrugged and fountainhead - who i wish were alive.
frank.l.wright- love his architecture.
cox and farkum -cartoonists i discovered through the internet!!
finally my dad-the almost perfect person in my life who inspires me all the time!!