Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I always wondered what the big hoo-ha was about this movie. I mean ok, its in black and white, has Humphrey Bogar and Ingrid Bergman playing star-crossed lovers, but what is the BIG DEAL?

I finally watched it, and am happy to say that it is quite quite awesome! I mean beyond the qualities mentioned above, it is about Rick Blaine's journey from depression to happiness. Bogart's potrayal of a caustic, cynical, brooding man, who never takes sides, is not passionate about anything, yet has fits of idealism is the most memorable part of the film. He is probably going to replace Clint Eastwood as my ideal man. Ingrid was good too as the woman torn between two men, who she loves , and one tries to imagine the choice she has to make, and its scary!

I shall stop here before I just reveal the entire story, in my blabber. Suffice to say, it is a must watch. And deserves to be on the top of every movie-fan's list!

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